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The NagraMaster Box

Instructions for Setup

Notes on the NagraMaster EQ circuit:

This circuit is intended to equalize the output of a 1/4 inch tape machine when used with NagraMaster tapes. It is engineered to be placed between the output of the machine, such as an OTARI MTR 10/12, AMPEX, FOSTEX or MCI 1/4 inch tape recorder and the bridging input of the transfer machine or mixing board. If the circuit is terminated with a low impedance such as 600 ohms, it will not work correctly.

How to use the filter:

1. Align the tape machine with a standard NAB alignment tape for 15ips.

2. Connect the filter (NM Box) between the tape recorder and the transfer machine
    or mixing board.

3. Play a tone-tape made using the NagraMaster EQ on a Nagra recorder that 
    contains a 1KHz reference and a 10KHz reference recorded at exactly -8dB           
    on the modulometer of the Nagra tape recorder.

Set the 1KHz tone at '0' VU on the transfer machine or the mixing board.


5. Play the 10KHz tone and trim the trimmer pot of the circuit to make a '0' VU 
    output on the transfer machine or mixing board.

Check the 1KHz tone and reset to '0' VU if necessary. Check the setting of the 
    trim pot at 10KHz and trim if necessary.

NOTE:   you will notice that the 10KHz tone on the tape recorder meters will pin.
That is why you need this filter.

William Harvey 1996.


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